Monday, October 13, 2014

Denunciation is not enough

Since the rise of the ISIS, there has been widespread condemnation and denunciation of this organization all around the world and the Muslim world especially is going head over heels to denounce it as evil and not Islamic from any way. Sometimes the denunciation has been fierce due to the western pressure and sometimes they do it just to preserve their own rule but is denouncing something is enough when they are also supporting it morally and see them as brothers in faith trying to establish a caliphate. I don’t believe that this evil is going to go away just by denunciation at the same time; it is being helped by the same people who denounce it because it is the right thing to do. Denunciation with a backing up with force is useless. And flying some sorties when the U.S. is doing the heavy duty work is not going to cut it. That is now the real problem, the Muslim world condemn something and then they close their eyes to whatever is happening in the world in the name of their religion and think that people will appreciate what they have said. It is time to move beyond denunciation and to do something about the extremism and hatred that has seeped into the Muslim world of late. Mere denunciation while secretly supporting it in their heart will not make other people believe you anymore. They have to take this menace to Islam head on even if force is necessary.

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