Friday, October 17, 2014

To send or not to send U.S. ground troops to Iraq-4

Besides this there are so many assortments of groups fighting in Syria. The supposedly pro-Western group is fighting with the Al-Qaeda aligned Al-Nusra front and they are both fighting with ISIS and then all of them are fighting with the Syrian Government and then if you start including the U.S. led coalition, there is a whole lot of complications arise which can lead to disability in the Middle East. And now Turkey is saying that until the current Syrian government is finished, there is no way ISIS is going to be defeated but what is the alternative. The rag tag of groups fighting the Syrian Government cannot even unite against it and the refugee problems keep on growing. And you know what regime change is done lately in the Middle East. Look no further than Libya and I should say Egypt and also Iraq. Syria is already unstable and does the world want more instability with the regime gone and then you have to deal with radical elements and nation building which is not as much fun as regime change. But it is useless you to go into Syrian discussion when Iraq is such a mess right now and the world has not completed their job there. So back to Iraq we go again. At least in Syria, the government has the means and the will to fight for their survival but in Iraq absent the will to fight is hampering its effort to deal effectively with ISIS. As things are going, there are calls that Sunnis should be included as they make the bulk of the insurgency and they have been marginalized by the Shiites ( but the same can be said when the Sunnis were in power but there was hardly any insurgency and if there was one, it was ignored by the world and crushed by the Saddam Regime, I don’t want to dwell into it right now) but yes Shiites have made mistakes but that should be the case when you are not in power for the last thousand years in the Arab world.

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