Saturday, October 25, 2014

Too much emphasis on some diseases

With Ebola in the news constantly now and making people nervous about it and the governments around the world panicking, this diseases have taken over the mindset of everybody leaving behind other diseases that people are suffering silently. Before AIDS/HIV disease was all the rage and most of the funding was being done for it (it still does too but Ebola has taken over it). Breast cancer is another of the disease that has a whole month of October dedicated to it. I can understand deaths occur in these diseases but there are other which although get funding but are struggling to gain attention in this era of Ebola. Diabetes, heart disease, other forms of cancer, child diseases and other top rated diseases that consume thousands of death each year and maybe even hundreds of thousands have a hard time gaining much attraction since they have been here so long that it does not gain that much media attention. My point here is not to belittle any disease but the media hype for Ebola should also be for other diseases. I guess since most of the other diseases are genetically related to the person and are not transmitted by bodily fluid or air borne is not that scary for the general population. And also the media attention is not on other diseases right now so people are not aware of it or just not feel that they are highly susceptible to it unless they have someone in their families affected by it. Ebola should be emphasized but other diseases are as important which affects far more people than Ebola is doing right now.

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