Monday, December 15, 2014

What really is a grocery store?

Recently I went grocery shopping after a hiatus of a few weeks and while browsing the aisles to see if there is something on sale that I missed I was surprised to a stack of store branded dress shirts. And my reaction was like what are dress shirts doing in a supposedly grocery store? I used to think a grocery store is the place where you buy household stuff like food and other necessities which you need on an ongoing basis but the fierce competition that the retailers have been getting lately is changing the thinking grocery stores operate. The competition for the same level of spending by consumers and constant dollars people have to spend has sparked this new trend of a one stop shopping even if you are in the grocery store. Now the grocery stores want you to get your complete household stuff in addition to your grocery shopping right in their stores without going to another store and I must admit that the store brand dress shirts looked good and price competitively. Now you never know what your local super grocery store chain is going to carry next. I have already seen low quality and cheap electronics and other house hold items, hosiery but I was not expecting dress shirts and frankly I don’t like this murky amalgamation of grocery stores and clothing stores. But as you already know that grocery business is a low margin business and so it is just another effort to increase their profit margin and make some extra money in the process and I guess it is just a sign of the times as we will continue to see this increasingly blurring of lines of what really constitute a grocery store.

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