Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking for parking-6

These parking problems have not only become a problem in the U.S. but also around the world as I have read the pricing for some parking spots sold have gone into six figures in places where the spaces are severely limited. Manhattan in New York, Hong Kong in Asia and other crowded and congested city has a huge problem for parking spaces. As the standard of living of people increase, they desire to own a car as it is a convenient way to go around and also for some places where the public transportation is either scant or nonexistent. And in cities that demands parking spaces which have either have to be created along streets and roads or force people to pay hefty prices for premium spaces. Another option is to provide public transportation but since most of the transportation is not feasible in areas which are far from the city, there would always be an issue with this parking. I can keep on ranting about parking spaces but the truth is there is no easy solution to this ever growing problem. Amount of the space is the same but the numbers of cars are growing and love of the motor vehicle is so great that people spent hours and days of their lives looking for parking. The residential solution is to have parking under your house or above your house, both expensive alternatives and for the city , you can either completely ban cars entering at any moment of the day which will require extensive investment in public transportation or charge hefty prices for entering the city. Because pretty much I am disgusted every time I have to look for parking near or far.

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