Saturday, December 27, 2014

The latest hacks on computers

Recently one of the largest electronic companies SONY®'s computer system came upon a massive attack in which reportedly 100 Terabytes of files were hacked into of which some 1 or 2 terabyte of information including some movies which are not yet in theaters were released. The attack was so massive and purportedly aimed at crippling SONY® so much that initially they decided not to release their movie The Interview for which the attackers had warned not to release it since it mocks the leadership of North Korea. The attack was later determined to be from North Korea although North Korea has denied it. All this hacking is going on and the companies have still not been able to strengthen their computer security. They just treat these attacks as the price they have to pay for technology and they prepare the general public to go along with it without taking much responsibility. If you have read about the leaks, there seems to be a very less security at the computers hacked. Every other day I here that some company's servers have been hacked and people's social security numbers, email addresses and credit card numbers have been breached. I don’t understand that how long the companies think that they can get away with lax security and how long the public will tolerate these companies whose computer system is susceptible to attacks. I for one am sick and tired of all these hackings and until the public in general start to boycott the companies where these breaches have occurred and force them to do something about it, these kind of events will keep on happening.

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