Monday, December 15, 2014

Unisex toilets

A few days ago I read an interesting news that a university in New Jersey is building Unisex toilets so any gender can enter in and relieve themselves of their natural urgings (I don’t know how to put it mildly). As I read it correctly it was done by the members of the LGBTQ community but there has been mixed reviews about it as they rejoice in having gender neutral toilets but there are some concerns that it would signal out the people who associate themselves with the LGBTQ community for harassment or other things. I am still conflicted about this latest trend as I am not sure how to form my opinion about it as it is just a very rare occurrence and have not yet caught on with the general public. And despite this advances, I don’t believe the general public is ready to let their young daughters enter into gender neutral toilet (and I for one share that sentiment). Besides do you believe that some of the people will not become uncomfortable or there will be some perverts waiting for the opportunity to have a little peek. And with that a host of other problems like lawsuits and supposedly hidden cameras and other unexpected situations can happen. So for me and I believe lots of millions of people this concept is going to remain limited in nature and will not spread beyond a certain private locations ( I may be wrong because only time can tell but for now I stick with this prediction).

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