Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Governments relying on Gambling

Everybody knows that gambling is an addiction and the governments know about it but faced with increasing costs and declining revenues; they keep on ramping up gambling options for people who can ill afford it. Recently New York state approved a number of permits to be issued for casinos in various parts of the state that are supposedly distressed and this the solution that they can all find so that people can get jobs and programs can be funded. The state governments desperate for cash and provide jobs to the economically depressed areas of the state had many permits pending and they decided to give some of them a try in the hopes that gamblers will come to these areas and not the ones that are already operating in other parts of the states and also in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and other others states nearby. Twenty or so years ago, Atlantic City in New Jersey was the only player on the east coast to rival the only other town in the U.S. Las Vegas, where gambling was allowed and it was flourishing. But the word flourishing is not the right word as the area surrounding the Casinos were a neglected rot and a dangerous place to walk at night. I know that because I have been there at that time when prostitution was openly thriving and gamblers from all over the East coast were betting their luck. Nothing was being done to the areas outside the Casinos despite all the rhetoric the politicians were making and this gambling was bound to bring competition.

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