Monday, December 15, 2014

Phone as your best friend

There use to be physical friends not to while ago and there still are don’t get me wrong. But the nature of friendship has changed so much that you are unable to meet your friends physically on months or sometimes years on end. And I am also guilty of that as I have not seem some of best friends of 20 or more years in years even if I can go to meet them at their office or even drive some miles down. You can say that it is a combination of my laziness or the pressures of every day work during the week and on the weekend and I also believe that they have the same excuses. And even with the relatives I have not met many of them for years on end because either they live in other countries or they live in other states where it is very hard to take time off and go and meet them and vice versa. And now best friend has become the social media on the internet. And if you are moving around, your best friend becomes your so called smart phone as now practically you can do almost all of your things on while on the go. You can do most of your shopping on the phone plus entertain yourself and manage office work while you are mobile and stay in touch with your friends and loved ones as now it seems everybody has a phone and they are very immersed in it as I see it every day. And use of so called smart phones has also led to a decrease in TV viewing habits according to some studies.

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