Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking for parking-5

As I was saying, parking at your house either a driveway or a garage is a huge blessing especially if you live in an area where the space is premium as you know, now in the U.S. and also in other countries, you have more than one car in one's family and if you don’t have a garage and driveway with it, you are circling your neighborhood trying to find a space and competing with other driveway less and garage less people. Even if you happen to park your car near your house if you don’t have space in your house, you are still worried about those pesky street cleaning rules that you see all over the place in U.S. cities. You have to move your car from one side of the street to the other side when these rules come into effect and I have done that and it is not fun. If there is no street cleaning rules then you have other rules like two hour parking or no overnight parking. Another one is the handicap parking that is sometimes restrict your parking options as that area is dedicated to the disabled person who happens to live right in front of the sign. And if you happen to find a perfect parking space then you have to worry about your car being vandalized or some harm being done to it like getting hit at night by unknown car who in the dark of the night just keep on going since they don’t know the owner of the car who may or may not be living in front of it. I have heard many instances where some cars parking in the street have their tires slashed or their windows broken into and it is just hard to find the culprit.

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