Friday, December 19, 2014

Terror in Australia

A lunatic walks into a chocolate café in Sydney, Australia and holds a number of people hostages demanding an Islamic flag and a phone call to the Prime Minister of Australia. I am talking about that terror that happened a few days ago in the biggest city of Australia. The guy was already known to police as a trouble maker and had a criminal history but also had an erratic behavior. And on top of taking hostages, he was flaunting his credentials as a Muslim and had ranted about Australia role in fighting Islamic terror in the Middle East. And what does he do, he goes into a café and take hostages of people who are not involved in any of this. I understand that people have also died in the Middle East conflicts that are innocent but to do the same thing for people in a country which has given you asylum and given you every opportunity to voice your concern peacefully is not the way to go. And saying that you are protesting by threatening to harm people and portraying yourself as a member of a religious community and a self styled cleric who knows more about the religion than other people will not cut out. There are so many other ways to protest like participating in elections, petitioning elected officials, campaigning for and helping the victims that adapting a violent way will not make you put your point across. Instead there will be a backlash against all the peace loving Muslim living and struggling to make a living in that peaceful part of the world. These individuals have no relationship to any religion and when they have something to prove, hide behind a religion and further their agenda to the detriment of other Muslims who are then signaled out for discrimination and other repercussions just because they happen to share their religion with these selfish individuals. This act of terrorism should be condemned immediately anywhere it happens around the world whatever religious beliefs you have since it is not about religion but about humanity.

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