Friday, December 19, 2014

Massacre in Pakistan

This is just a hypothetical scenario which I never want to wish upon any parent but here is the scenario. It is a normal day in a family, you wake up to the sunlight and then one by one family members wake up mostly first your parents and then the children but usually the parents start screaming at children to get up and then take turns if you have one bathroom to start taking showers and brush teeth while the mom (usually) start making breakfast for the whole family. Now the kids come to the table running and try to stuff in as much as possible and everybody is hurrying up either to get to the school bus or hop in with their parents to a ride to their school. When the school bus comes and if there is a rush, the kids can only say bye to their parents without hugging or kissing them as there are more urgent things to do since the school bus will leave if you don’t hurry. Now the kids are gone and maybe one or the other parents may have given them a kiss goodbye and getting all the instructions how to manage your school. After all the commotion dies down, you lie exhausted and feel excited to have the whole house to yourself (if are a housewife or a man working from home). You start to do your daily chores and in between the chores you turn on the television to pass your time and entertain yourself, maybe watch your favorite show and relax. And when the times comes to pick up kids, you go out and get your kids or if they are travelling by school bus, wait for the time of the bus to come and then you see your kids smiling and exhausting coming in and asking for something to eat and you ask them about their homework and how did the school day went.

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