Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking for parking

Like millions of people out there, I am also guilty of trying to find parking as near to the store as possible. It is not a problem when it is a normal weekend as you would find parking nearby but when it comes to holidays as the December holiday, your nightmarish experience with parking really goes off. A few days ago I went to get Ice Cream and there was literally no parking and even the ones with metered were also full. I checked and realized that since it was the holidays there had come up with free two hours parking which they say will be strictly enforced, I don’t know how but that was the wording written on the plastic bags on top of the meters. It was a small town and they have plenty of parking near the stores even with meters but this time around there was none. I was willing to walk a little further but still no luck so out of frustration I went home with the determination to get a parking and get my favorite dessert Ice Cream. My point is that sometimes you waste a lot of time and gas just trying to find parking in a place preferably near the store in which you want to shop. And I will be the first one to admit that I am guilty of that. The other situation is not that great either like you follow some person who has done the shopping and walking to towards his/her car and then you wait like an idiot waiting them to take their own sweet time to put their bags and get into the car and reverse or drive off. If you are lucky you will get that parking otherwise you already have competition in the form of another person waiting for that coveted parking space.

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