Friday, December 19, 2014

Massacre in Pakistan-3

Three days of mourning has been declared in Pakistan and condemnation has been swift from around the world. There has been much outrage in Pakistan but I have been reading some disturbing news also that some people still think that some foreign power is behind this. The one good thing if you want to say it in a way is that the Prime Minister has lifted the moratorium on Death penalty which has kept all the convicted killers on death row for a long time. And the Army has promised a hardened response as the backlash against the Taliban has begun or has it? That we will have to see as other devastating bombings have happened before and Pakistan has not responded effectively to it and concrete measures have to be taken to tackle this menace which literally destroying that Nuclear Armed Country. Then there is the question of how well the Military will readjust its secret relationship of supporting these terrorists. The parents who have lost their kids would have the hardest part forgetting about what happened to their kids. I don’t know when Pakistan will shun this kind of extremism and support for it which is leading them to the path of destruction only for themselves and also now for the future generation. Pakistani people have to decide if they want to live a normal life like other human beings or become consumed in hatred of such magnitude that it does not distinguish between animals and human beings. The terrorists who have done do have no remorse or regret of what they have done and they should be paid back in the same manner without regard to their lives and property. Until Pakistan takes this monster head on, I am afraid this may not be the last one and somebody else would come to do the job they are so incapable or unwilling to do on their own.

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