Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Old age woes-2

People think that doing all kind of exercises and eating healthy food and having plastic surgery will keep them young for a long time but that time catches up pretty fast as you face various kinds of diseases and your visits to the doctors and pharmacy are increased many fold. Your pace of walking and working whatever you are doing slows down too. Your memory goes down too and you can become a victim of a financial crime which if you are not careful can devastate your life in old age. Although it is a blessing that you have reached an age which is supposedly your golden age but by reaching this age you also become like a child as when a child is dependent on their parents for everything, you also become dependent on your kids and grandkids to do some of the arduous tasks that you cannot do in your old age. When I see an old person, I don’t know if I should feel sorry for them or be envious as feeling sorry means that they are not able to perform as they were before when they were young and envious that they have reached that age which many of us assume will reach there not knowing if we will given the world we live in now. And old folks in your family and relatives are a blessing also since they have much greater experience than you have and thus old age is a mix of blessing and woes but one fact is that every body has to become old and if you have any wishes you should have it fulfilled in your young age because the old age is not the time for regrets but for reflection and looking forward to depressingly your last years of your lives on earth.

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