Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gun Safety issues

I have been reading these Gun disasters all the time. I am talking about people being careless when handling guns. Recently I read that a father no less was cleaning his permit less gun in front of his kid and the kid got shot. I mean is there a limit to the amount of stupidity involve in this situation. Ok firstly the person should have a permit to carry a gun or keep it in the house. That is the most basic of all since cops hate handguns without permits that will get you a felony of keeping an unlicensed gun. The next thing is why you are keeping an unloaded gun in the house where you have your kids in sight. I mean are you really in a battle zone that you need to keep a loaded weapon in the house. I know that some parts of the U.S. sometimes resemble a war zone but it is not the breakdown of law and order but just a matter of allocating the right resources and you will see the reduction of crime. But there is no need to keep a loaded gun in the house when things are peaceful outside supposedly. Okay the next thing is why do you have to clean a loaded gun, I mean if you are going to clean the gun why not empty the chamber and clean. And other thing if you in your infinite wisdom wants to clean a loaded gun, why would you want to do that in front of a child? Even if there is excuses that the person was babysitting, can the gun cleaning campaign wait a little bit till the mother comes home.

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