Saturday, December 27, 2014

Too much North Korea

If you have noticed lately North Korea has been in the news so much lately that I am being overdosed with it. It seems that it has been local news as the news of the hacking of SONY® computers have overshadowed everything. The back and forth with the hacking and the accusations that North Korea was involved in it has been big news lately and everybody (including myself) have been trying to figure out what's up in the most reclusive country of the world. Even if don’t see the leader for a few weeks, the media is all over the buzz thinking what is happening with the intelligence agencies of the west (notably CIA) and the South Koreans and the Chinese speculating about what is going on. All this free publicity must be a GOD send to the North Koreans as they have been in the news so much that it is becoming nauseating that you cannot escape a day without hearing anything about that country on the internet, in the newspapers and in the general media. I know that all the intelligence agencies are obsessed with North Korea since they have the atomic bomb and their leadership is very erratic and unpredictable in their actions and you never what they will do next but I mean can we lay off North Korea for a while, since we have other urgent things to do. The more we give coverage to North Korean news, the more they will do something outrageous or some small thing which will be blown out of proportion and the cycle goes on. I know that media need constant news and they know that the North Korean news can be milked but can we give minor coverage to the news so that it does not come right in our faces everything we open the internet or the newspapers or the television.

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