Monday, December 8, 2014

Assembling things

This is one of the things that I hate the most. You buy something from a store and then you have to figure out how to assemble it when you get home. And I am not that good at assembling things or figuring out how to follow somewhat the directions which are sometimes hard to comprehend. Whenever we buy stuff from the store or from the internet and the items arrive with instructions to assemble, I leave it up to my wife to do the assembling as she is very good at assembling things and she manages to finish it up in one stage and not linger it for the next day. It is a very frustrating process, although I help in to tighten the screws or to hold one part of the item, while she tries to read the instructions or is making sure the partially assembled work is correct. Sometimes you get screws that do not seem to fit in the holes or sometimes there are more screws that seem to be necessary but ultimately she is the one who takes care of the assembling around the house. It is not that I cannot assemble things, it is just the thought of fixing things up and putting things together that puts me off. But I am guessing many people out there have the same feeling that I have regarding assembling things and although you cannot get away with the fact that now and then you would have to assemble items by yourself (since hiring somebody to do it just defeats the purpose of buying an item cheap and besides it is really expensive to hire somebody to do the assembling and they may not be available right away), it does not diminish the hatred that you would have in assembling things. Some people may enjoy it but I for one want to stay away from them if I can.

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