Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking for parking-4

If you really have an urgent need you park right in front of the fire hydrant as it is the only space available which is not taken and you go and get done your chores in less time than you assume the cops will be there to ticket you. And this brings me to fire hydrant issue, sometimes in city especially when I am looking for a parking and I see from far that there is space, I become happy and rush to it only to find out it is either a fire hydrant or a drive way. No wonder the space is available since nobody can park there. And if you are not in the city and you are in the suburbs, you better make sure you have either a drive way or a garage for your car. Because parking can be a really troublesome burden if you don’t have one. One time I was in Long Island and we had to attend a religious gathering and on the way back had to stay at one of my in-laws. It was already 2.00 in the morning and I was tired but as you could have imagined there was no empty space to park my car. I kept on driving and driving around neighborhoods after neighborhoods in places that I did not know just to find parking. At that time of the night I did not care how far I could park as I just wanted a parking space so I can walk to the house with some luggage in tow. After about half an hour of wasting my time and gas, I managed to find a parking just a few blocks and had to take a sigh of relief but also of anger that some areas are really notorious in terms of parking spaces.

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