Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gun Safety issues-2

And this is not the first case of accidental gun violence. I also read that a little child was playing with a loaded gun and accidentally shot his younger sister. I love guns (although I don’t own one and have no intention to do so in the future) but there should be some sort of safety lessons before a person is able to handle a gun. Like a car driver has to be licensed and pass both written and driving test in order to be eligible to drive, so it should be the case with gun handling. And in the cases that I have mentioned, you don’t need to have a college degree to exercise some basic safety issues that I have highlighted. And I am sure that the so called accidental gun discharge will keep on happening as people think that they are careful enough to handle the gun when in fact they are not. You can see sometimes in the movies that even if the gun is not loaded, nobody wants a gun pointed at them and this should be the case in real life also. But you know people are fascinated by guns and they get sidetracked by the sight of it without realizing that you have to extremely careful when handling them. The guns should not be in the house or they should be in area not accessible to kids. The guns should be empty and locked and only accessible to the person carrying the permit of the gun and no one else. People kids and guns don’t mix so don’t try to clean or even keep it in sight of kids like the medicine bottle says keep out of reach of children, the same rule should apply to the guns with the added rule that you should not have guns in your hands loaded or empty anywhere near the kids.

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