Friday, December 19, 2014

Massacre in Pakistan-2

This ritual of sending the kids to school and they coming back home safely is done practically by hundreds of millions of parents and kids around the world and nobody ever thinks about something happening on a normal day. Now step back for a moment to the time one is flipping the channels and you see that there has been a terrorist attack on a children's school and your ears become alert and eyes see the unbelievable and then you realize that the school that is being attacked is none other than your kids’ school. At the same time the phone bells rings or you call your spouse in panic to go and fetch the kids or you do it yourself and this is exactly what happened in Pakistan a few days ago. As it happened in Russia and then in the U.S. where innocent and little kids some even we call them babies were slaughtered (at least in the U.S. the guy was deranged), the same thing happened in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the terrorists knew what they were doing and they did not have any remorse or paused for a minute to reflect what they are doing. Most of the kids now we know were shot in the head and the more details that are emerging the more it reveals that the terrorists were actively seeking to kill as many kids as possible. And the outrage it has generated on the social media and around the world and especially in Pakistan has been incredible. For a country used to so much violence, even this attack was too much to handle as parents saw their dead kids and blood was all over the place.

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