Monday, December 15, 2014

The postal service of the United States

I was standing in the line at the post office on one Saturday and a line developed in a few minutes as people wanted to mail things or just buy some stamps at the prompt. There used to be two people on Saturdays to cater to more people as there is more rush on the weekend but they have cut back on employees as they are saying that now more of the mailing is done online so they don’t need that many employees. But the way I am looking is that there is always a line in the post office and when I was coming out from my small town local office I saw a small postal truck filled to the brink with mail going out to deliver. Now if I see the lines not only in one post office but several in different states (New York and New Jersey) I will not even guess that there is still a huge demand for the postal service. Despite people paying bills on the internet (I included) and doing other stuff which they use to do primarily through the post office, there is still a great need for the postal service as overwhelming majority of senior folks and younger ones too rely on the postal system to deliver their mail in all circumstances and I don’t see the postal system of the United States getting irrelevant anytime soon or even further down the road.

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