Friday, December 19, 2014

Drunk driving menace

Despite all the ads and information out there not to drink and drive and all the punishments that are given out (which I don’t believe are strong enough to deter somebody) people still think that it is okay to drink and drive and not think about having a designated driver if they think they are impaired after a some drinks. And when they are in a drunken mode, there is nobody who even volunteers or stop them if there is somebody nearby to get these drunken people out of the driving seat. I really hate drinking and on top of that driving with drinking is a big No in any language or any country no matter what your excuse is. Too many times people feel remorse after getting sober and they try to get out of it by blaming the drink on some kind of disease that they cannot control. They feel helpless in the face of a bottle of wine or champagne and they succumb to it right away but instead of drinking in moderation or even if it is heavy drinking staying away from the driving wheel are very hard for them. I am not a lawyer or a law enforcement officer or even a legislator but I believe that in terms of punishments in cases of drunken driving, there should be no plea bargains allowed. Too many times, people feel sorry when they get sober knowing very well that drinking impairs your ability to do anything like driving or make sound decisions. So the person who is accused of drunk driving exactly knows what he/she is doing when they take their first drink and sit behind the wheel of the car. So all this excuses about not knowing is just to escape their responsibility of what they have done. I believe that drunk driving laws need to be revisited and enhanced tremendously so that there should be less incentive to drive while intoxicated.

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