Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rain and umbrella-2

If you have noticed that every time it rains you will see people selling umbrellas for prices which they would not dare sell in rainless days and some desperate people buy it just because they don’t want to get wet. If it is raining it is fine with me but if there is wind associated with people I am pissed off. I have seen many people juggling umbrellas in the wind driven rain and some umbrellas or I should say most of the umbrellas, the cheap ones are not equipped to handle this kind of weather so they break up. One time I brought an umbrella in the afternoon during raining and in the evening it got broken because of the wind. And umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes, the bad part is the bigger ones are hard to carry in your handbags and bag packs. Those are the kinds I avoid having with me since I already have a bag pack to carry and on top of that I have to carry a big umbrellas is not my standard mode of operation. Now my problem is that some of the people hold umbrella while it is not raining which is really dangerous as they keep on moving it back and forth and don’t let other people walk by when there are lot of people around and when there is rain, some umbrellas are big enough to hit you in the eye. This constant fight between holding the umbrella properly and fighting of the rain sometimes frustrate me and I try to walk as fast as possible by these kinds of people. I know that some of the people reading this post will agree with me as they maybe as guilty as the people mentioned, but respect for other people’s spaces should be observed even if you fighting off a wind driven rain where you are the ultimate loser since the rain will soak you with or without the umbrella.

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