Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Twists and turns of fate

Not too long ago the former Islamist President of Egypt was calling for Syria's President to step down as he was being a murderous dictator and he should listen to this people while at the same time, the former Egyptian President overconfident since he was elected by the people, he thought that he would venture outside his country to citizen others even when the people who voted for him got dissatisfied and disenchanted with this rule. Whatever the reason for his ouster, this is just one example of how the fate of one person takes its twists and turns. Even when you think that things are going your way or are going to go your way, never assume that it will be in your favor until it is really achieved. Even if you don’t believe in anything, this is one of the things that you should believe in since in different times of your lives, you will encounter it more than once. You see fate is very complicated and is almost similar to what we call Karma. We also say the fate of nations lies in the hands of a few people but that is not the case exactly. Even with the best of human intentions, the fate of nations can change very fast and out of control of those honest people. For example it was fate that the outcome of the U.S. civil war came as opposed to the ones who wanted to segregate from the United States (well many may disagree with me here) and also you can see numerous things in your life that despite your best efforts turn out to be differently than planned. So when you start something and believe that they should be the outcome, please keep in mind that the fate may have an entirely different outcome.

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