Friday, July 12, 2013

The OBL commission report from Pakistan-2

So what is in the report that has supposedly upset many people? Nothing new is revealed and no one individually has been blamed but the whole collective failure and incompetency and ineffectiveness of the Pakistan state has been laid bare in front of everyone. It is story of how the state of Pakistan is in a sorry state and deteriorating further despite all the hype that the hyper nationalists have been creating there. It really shows based on the interviews with top Pakistan civilian and military leadership how far they are apart on their duties and how distrustful is the military of the civilian leadership and there is no cooperation among them in terms of security and foreign policy matters. The commission members were one retired judge, one former general and two other people and the picture they portray after interviewing several people is really an eye opener to the world which is the reason why it was never published in the first place. It says that OBL was in Pakistan since 2002 and had several times been able to move from city to city without detection (connivance?) among the population and also wore cowboy hat to disguise his appearance and he had been stopped once by a cop in the car which was speeding but was let go after settlement (bribe?). He settled down in the garrison city of Abbotabad (the equivalent of West Point of the U.S.) since 2005 and the house where he was living was obtained by his confident on an fake identification card and the building was made high against all the rules and regulations of the land.

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