Thursday, July 18, 2013

The dilemma in Resume building

It is my dilemma too. I am talking about how to build your resume when you don’t have concrete numbers to back it up. I mean when I went to a recruitment coach (or whatever you want to call a person who trains a person for an interview for a job), he told me to put something specific in numbers that I did that like increased the revenue or decrease the expenses and I told him that I work in the bank and am not an account officer so my effort to increase and decrease does not come into play and that when he started asking me what I do that I may have done something that I overlooked and it increased the revenue or saved the bank a lot of money or something like that so that employer knows that I am a productive person. Now here I am in a profession and in a position where my input is just a minuscule or even negligible part of the whole revenue and expense structure. So how do you define what you did was quantitatively relevant to what I can achieve in a new position. And it is not only my dilemma but for many positions in an organization where your input is impossible to quantify. The corporation who have pigeonholed so many of the professions into a place where if you don’t have the exact right skills, you are not even considered, how do you get into those corporation and how do you build your resume on truth and not fabricate it to suit some organization rigid criteria of what a person should do to increase their bottom line. I am still trying to figure this thing out.

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