Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Turmoil in Egypt

So the Egyptian Military has given the Islamist Egyptian government to handle the crisis peacefully or they will have to do it for him. So what went wrong in Egypt. It was a promising start a year ago when the former President Mubarak was ousted by a popular wave of Muslim Brotherhood organization and other non-Islamist people who were fed up with the corruption, poverty and the decay of the Egyptian economy and the Arab Spring that was to herald a beginning of new era of peace and prosperity. And there was big euphoria about the Muslim brotherhood coming to power since they have been sidelined for decades and people thought that they will bring peace and prosperity to the Arab world's biggest nation. I have often heard this also that people should give somebody new enough time so they can prove themselves, but nowadays people have become impatient and I believe one year of the Muslim Brotherhood government was enough time to make Egypt better than the Mubarak's regime but I guess I was wrong and so were so many people. But what is the new cause and why people are fed up besides the usual conspiracy theories that the Muslim brotherhood says it is encountering to their government? Well the people are generally dissatisfied with the way things are going on. Crime has increased manifold and the economy is going south (based on the news) and poverty is increasing along with fuel shortages and power outages (again based on news), no wonder people are not satisfied and they don’t have the patience to wait for years now to better their lot.

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