Monday, July 1, 2013

Hunger in a world of plenty

If there is hunger in America (as I mentioned in my earlier post) there is definitely plenty of people going hungry around the world each day. And to say that the numbers are not growing would be lying. In Africa and Asia, there are growing number of people including an overwhelming number of small kids who go hungry to sleep each night. Its maybe because the population is increasing beyond the capacity of their countries to feed them or they are poor enough that they cannot afford food that this problem is manifesting itself to great challenge for all people. The rich countries, although doing their part cannot still enough feed all the hungry people and there should be an effort to make sure that nobody goes hungry in this world of plenty. I believe that there is plenty of food to go around; it is just the mismanagement part that makes this situation more aggravating. Although giving food aid to countries is a nice gesture but for how long can you keep on giving food when they become dependent on it and know that the world will take care of them and then they cannot improve their own lot. In addition to food aid, there should be help available for farmers to cultivate land on a scientific basis and where there is a constant drought or little rain; there should be constant focus on plants that can be grown with little or no rain. I am positive that things are happening in this regard and the world is trying its best to reduce hunger but the goal should be no hunger irrespective of your social status or financial situation anywhere around the world.

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