Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Career advice from a non-Career Person

I wanted to be career person but some circumstances came in the way and I don’t believe in it anymore. Maybe my circumstances may have to do with what I feel but apart from that being dedicated to a profession without getting any satisfaction out of it, only the paycheck that you expect every other week so that your bills are getting paid on it and you are just getting by is no job either. Believe me that I am not ungrateful as I have been out of job two times in my life so I know how it feels to have a job. But my point is that it is just a job and does not look like a career because to me a career is the one where there is a clear trajectory or path to where you will be in the next few years and I don’t see it in my present job or any job in the future. But to have a career is becoming rarer every year since most of the jobs are not stable or you can enhance your skills in an entirely different area and make more money. Nowadays building a career has become a lofty goal as people change many jobs during their lifetimes and thus staying in a career and waiting for getting ahead has lost its importance. As you want to grow, there is less and less jobs which can offer you that movement as the jobs are being outsourced to other countries. Patience has become one of the casualties as people want to get ahead and make more in the shortest possible time without being stuck in a career which seems like a job. So an advice from me is that if you don’t see yourself moving ahead in a corporate environment in five years time, either you are doing something wrong or you are in the wrong corporation and you should move on because life is too short to live on hope and you should make your own effort in molding your career path if you want to go that way, otherwise create a career for yourself.

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