Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sports as a Profession

Although I don’t play any kind of sports (I am bad in it anyway) I try to follow all kinds of sports not by watching but by reading on the internet. And I started to think that every young kid that you talk to who is crazy about some sports want to join either baseball, basketball, football and few of them Ice hockey as a professional sportsman. Since the sports people make a lot of money, it would be natural to have sports as a dream job where you can play your favorite sport while at the same time earning fabulous money not only as a sports person but also as an endorser for scores of products advertised. But as much as the fabulous sums of money that you get while being a professional, you have only a number of years before you are sent out to pasture because any sports is a rigorous exercise where you can injure yourself more than other profession. Sports can be good profession for young adults but they should realize that not everybody can be a super star and sometimes you are never a super star and your salary would go only that far, but if you are wise enough to make some smart investments with your average sports salary (which can be still a lot) you can live comfortably in your future years which can be a lot of years since an average sportsperson does not last many years beyond 40 or maybe a little more. So as you choose this profession make sure you know what you are getting into because retirements comes very fast even before fifty and if you are not careful with the money you have earned, you will be in a bad shape than ordinary people.

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