Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Desktop vs. Laptop vs. tablets-2

I have tried all three of them and since I have been using the desktop the most, I am used to it by now and very comfortable with it. It is not to say that the other two are not . In fact the other two I have used it and they are equally useful like the laptop being handy to be carried over in your carryon luggage and you can log on it by plugging it anywhere and since they have become very powerful, they have become more popular then desktop. The only thing I don’t like is the ways you have use your fingers like a mouse for navigation. But this has also been resolved since you can buy an individual mouse and use it surf the web and do your work. And they have become really cheap to do some powerful personal and business stuff. Now comes the tablet, a powerful and really handy way to surf the web and check your email anywhere you want it and it can easily be carried with you anywhere you want. Plus you don’t need to have a hard disk for that since the advent of the cloud computing has made it easier to do everything on the web without the hard drive needed. And you can also store your information not in your hard drive but on the numerous data storage websites available on the web. Initially I was hesitant to use it and I thought what good it will to me. But after using it and trying it, the handy feature of the lightweight and compactness of the tablet has made me a fan of it. I have not tried the other ones available in the market except Apple's Ipad® but I can say that the picture is crystal clear and sharp.

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