Friday, July 12, 2013

The OBL commission report from Pakistan-3

The house where OBL lived was unusually high among its surrounding and the place is less than a mile away from the Pakistan Military Academy, how nobody detected him is a mystery to me and to others. Then the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) who are primarily made up of army officers took over the task of finding OBL and stopped actively looking for him in 2005 when they believed that the U.S. stopped looking and lost interest in him, but it is their bumbling and arrogant attitude that had made them think that the U.S. has forgotten OBL and it may be that because the U.S. may have stopped sharing intelligence with the ISI people whom they suspect was harboring OBL. Another surprising news came out that the Pakistani military helicopters don’t fly at night and so they were not aware of this "invasion by the U.S. forces". And the Pakistani military had all eyes concentrated on India so their radar were directed on the eastern front and they did not perceive the U.S. or the Afghan forces as being hostile enemy and never looked that way for anything unusual. Another was the reason that the U.S. has sophisticated technology that was not in possession of Pakistan. But the main question is that how come the U.S. Navy Seals came in and stayed for at least 3 hours and left without being challenged by the Pakistan Military which had several hundred soldiers around that area and maybe more. Then the lack of coordination between civilian and military intelligence is also a glaring example of the holes in the security of the Pakistani nation.

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