Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Are men really are stupid or want to act that way?

Really I mean are men really stupid or they act to choose that way. If you see on television most the men are bumbling idiots who are beholden to their wives wiser ways and the expression I told you so. It is very rare that you see men acting intelligently on the media screen which his opposite to what is happening in the real world. Do the writers secretly crave that the men also act stupidly in the real world too? Or is it really funny to see men acting dumb and stupid and women acting smartly? I am not saying that it should be the opposite that men should act smart and women dumb but it should be on equal basis as not all men are dumb and incompetent and not all women are smart and highly intellectual. And it is not the fault of the men that they are looked at being incompetent or not capable of rational thinking because women believe that their way is the right way. The other thing that I am suspecting is that since for centuries men have always made a decision on the lives of women, in order to compensate for all this time not including women in the worldly decision, now it is being done to say that if women had made the decision, the world would not be in a such a mess. I cannot pass a judgment on that since is history but to say that all the men are stupid and don’t know what is right from wrong is insulting to the intelligent men and to all those women who believe that their husbands, sons, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles act stupid or are really without less brain power than men.

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