Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How come some people get away with lots of things in life?

If you have noticed that some people get away with many things in life and then you say that it is not fair that person got away with something and you are not getting that chance. It seems to you that justice is not being done but are you sure about that? If you see that one person has gotten away with something, you may never know if he can lucky the next time. You may be surprised how some people get lots of break in their lives and there are some, who are constantly met with unfortunate circumstances. I also sometimes feel the same way that some person even if I think does not deserve something, has gotten there faster than me, I start to question if I am unlucky or if he is lucky but since we are human beings we can't help but have these kinds of doubts in life but as I said before fate and luck work in mysterious ways and you may be surprised when you luck pops up in places where you can least expect. So after coming to this conclusion I have realized that the best way is to ignore what other people are getting away with and think about what you have gotten away with lately that may seem innocent or invisible to you and how fate and luck is smiling on you every day that you are alive and well and with your families. Worrying about others will not help you in achieving your goals and may even make you angry, bitter and mad and since these are the traits you don’t need in your life, start thinking about yourself and your loved ones and then the fate of the people who have gotten away with many things to fate and justice will prevail one day (even if you may not see it ).

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