Friday, July 5, 2013

Military coup in Egypt

So finally it happened. After the 48 hour warning by the military, the Islamist Muslim brotherhood government in Egypt was toppled in a peaceful coup and the president was arrested along with the members of his party. It is tragic for the Egyptian people that the so called revolution that brought the Islamist government to power by the same people has been again instrumental in toppling it again. I mentioned some of the reasons which may have led to this, but it looks like it is not over yet as the supporters and the opponents of the previous regime are clashing on the streets and this instability is badly affecting its tourist industry and the economy in general. As of this writing the crackdown is going on in Egypt against the members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military is determined to go after all their leadership. Although a military coup or takeover is never the solution to the problem the people have but the way celebration broke out in Egypt shows that how much unpopular the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood had become in a year. Instead of delivering on their promise to improve the lot of the people (for which they are known for charitable work and should have been prepared for the last many decades), they went for the power grab and try to regain the leadership of the Arab world by criticizing Syria while their own house was in shambles. The regime of former President Morsi of Egypt became too overconfident and too eager to grab power when the people were suffering economically.

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