Friday, July 5, 2013

Military coup in Egypt-2

I did not get this, if you have been elected to govern for the first time and you want to make sure that you get elected again or at least keep your promise, you should be humble enough to follow through with your pledges and promises and be better than the government you are replacing. And instead trying to be the leader you should first fix your own house in order so that people outside the country may perceive you as a leader. Although there can be numerous factors but this maybe more important than others. People wanted change and they wanted more than the promises and by the looks they were no longer going to tolerate incompetency and dictatorship from anyone and so we have this coup. And it has indeed divided the country right now. And what happens next as the former regime's supporters I believe won't sit tight and accept this coup willingly. Now the biggest fear which few people may have thought it about is how the Islamist will react to the overthrow of their democratically elected government. Would Egypt become the next Algeria where the Military denied the Islamist victory in the election and had to face many years of bloody conflict? Would the Muslim brotherhood denied to rule the government become violent and will the Islamic extremists start a campaign of terror to intimidate their opponents? These are questions that need to be asked because if there is celebration, there is anger too that the legitimate will of the people (no matter what little majority voted ) was taken over by the military.

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