Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Desktop vs. Laptop vs. tablets

This debate about which one is better has been raging now for a while since the tablets were introduced a few years ago. In between those years, another phenomenon came about when netbooks were introduced. They had limited storage capacity with no hard drive and mainly used for checking your email and surfing the net. They were also slow and cheap so the sales exploded as the cheapness and compatibility of the netbook was more than enough to carry it around and do your stuff without the hard drive and other accessories needed. But as soon as the tablet became available, the popularity of netbook plunged and now very few manufacturers bother to make it anymore. Ultra books are another new phenomenon but it is too early to tell now if it is going to catch up to the popularity of tablets or not. The popularity of the tablets have taken everybody by surprise including the computer manufacturers who are struggling to compete with the tablets including introducing their own version and enhancing the capacity of their computers. But a new report came out stating that the shipment of laptops and desktops plunged drastically last year as compared to tablets which surged ahead and experts have started to predict the demise of this industry which I don’t believe it will be for the near future, although it will decline faster in terms of shipment of computers. I have tried all three categories as mentioned above and have found each of them useful for everybody.

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