Thursday, July 18, 2013

The hidden effects of European Integration

Now that the European integration has started to go eastward into eastern Europe and trying to include all European countries, they have started to realize that not all European countries are equal in terms of wealth and other criteria for a society well being. This are the hidden aspects of European integration that the European Union intentionally or unintentionally either left out or ignored it when joining in a European Union integration because to them the integration should happen first and then the "minor" events can be tackled latter. It is like a blind marriage where you don’t know anyone and you say that the marriage will be fine after they are stuck together sometimes without their consent. And now there is news that criminal gangs from the old Eastern Europe are increasingly coming to the rich nations of Europe and setting up shop there. Another side effect is that there is increase in human trafficking from the relatively poorer countries to the rich European ones. As organized crime syndicates take hold in the rich countries there will be increase in crime. Other thing is that instead of increasing opportunities in their own poor countries, there will be mass migration to the rich ones and then they will be entitled to the same benefits as the native ones. This is already causing some rich nations to limit benefits to the new economic immigrants. How they will do it in the face of European Union opposition and against their laws remain to be seen. But it seems that with integration come things that you would not have anticipated while rushing towards a goal of a unified Europe.

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