Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The OBL commission report from Pakistan-4

There is a funny part if you can call it that way that the Army chief was informed of the attack at 2.00 A.M after near 90 minutes the incursion came and then he called the Air Force chief to scramble the jets but by that the U.S. was long gone and the Supreme commander, the President was informed at about 7.00 in the morning. It seems that everybody knew what was happening and were careless enough to show the Pakistani nation that they were caught unaware. And if you stumble across some Pakistani newspapers (Dawn, the nation to name a few) you will see that the government started to deny that it is the not the actual report and it is just a draft and they are trying to figure out who leaked the draft. Who cares by now since the world knows now the competency and the effectiveness of the civilian and the Military authorities there. The excuse was that since Pakistan has never been attacked from the Western front (meaning Afghanistan, Iran) the radars on that side of the border were not on full alert and all the radars were concentrated and fully alert and operational on the eastern side (meaning India). If you are caught with your pants down, you will make thousands of excuses but the most scary part of the report (which is already known to all by now) is that the Pakistani helicopters don’t fly at night meaning you can sneak in and out of Pakistan without much detection by the armed forces. I don’t know if it is true or not because I for one does not believe that the nations which spends so much of its little money on its armed forces will like to know that they are vulnerable at night. Anyway these are some of the highlights and if the government is sincere enough, it will man up to it and make it public and then go about fixing the structural problems in its security because the armed forces of Pakistan is the only institution remaining now working efficiently and nobody wants it to go the way the present Pakistan is going.

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