Friday, July 12, 2013

A new study about self employment and employment

A new European study came out about how the corporate world treats entrepreneurs who want to join the work force and it seems that there is a big discrimination against them. This discrimination is because the corporate human resources ignore the people who have made it on their own and recruit people who have been in a similar corporate area where they are used to bosses and following orders. The corporations may have their own prejudices regarding the successful entrepreneurs who may know more than the management since they have to deal with all the aspects of running a business. Is taking an initiative and being successful in doing multiple tasks so bad that the corporations feels that they will not be able to follow the orders of their new bosses or is it just plain discrimination against people who have somehow fallen into hard times and want to join the corporate world that they are now shut out because they were able to provide for their families and now cannot and it is the punishment of the corporate world why the entrepreneurs did not come to them in the first place? This report for once made me upset about the perceived notions and prejudices that the corporate human resources have about entrepreneurs. I believe that hiring an entrepreneur can bring fresh ideas to a company, provided the managers there don’t feel threatened by a successful person who may or may not know more than them. And once you are in the corporate world, no matter who you are before, you have followed certain rules and procedures no matter what you were before in your life. So instead of boxing someone into a certain criteria, you should always hiring someone with an open mind, you never know what kind of person who would be missing if you did not hire them.

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