Monday, July 22, 2013

The lottery craze

I went to s small grocery store near my house just to buy a soda and a guy was standing in line so I thought that he will be out in a minute but to my surprise he was dictating what kind of numbers he want on the lottery ticket and he had written the numbers on a paper and he went on and on and I was like man what is this guy doing holding the line for lottery and I started wondering that how the lottery has changed people's perception of how to get rich. He bought eight dollars worth of lottery tickets, which he could have used for some other necessary purpose but the get rich quick scheme never fails. I have already written about the lottery business before but to stand in line while the guy in front of me just keep on buying tickets is shocker to me. Too spend so much money in the hope that you do win some kind of big money is a big incentive for working class folks. But it is not only the ordinary folks who buy lotto tickets but even the ones who are making six figure salaries. I can understand that the lotto functions as an important part of the funding for school districts and other budgetary support but it is an addiction which is not as visible as other gambling areas (and believe me it is gambling but only state sanctioned). But the way people go crazy over lotto just to dream about those untold riches with odds way beyond anything is just ridiculous and incredible. It just shows how much hope there is that people carry that without much work, they can become millionaires overnight.

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