Monday, July 1, 2013

Can we ever escape violence?

This is the question that bugs me quite often. Why can't we be civilized towards other human beings without involving our own biases, prejudices, pre judgments, opinions and all the feelings that we have before we meet someone. Why are we so vulnerable to violence and why can't we control our emotions when it needs the most to be controlled? Why do we have to resort to violence when everything else fails? And is violence the only way to solve problems when we don’t know how to solve one? I guess the answer can never be explained in terms that will satisfy anyone since the human emotions are so complex that nobody has been able to explain what triggers somebody to resort to violence. And it is not just violence against other humans but also self violence that we do when we are in a particular emotional state. By self violence means that if you are in a particular emotional state you tend to destroy things and not hurt people, you are just letting out your anger, frustration, annoyance, helplessness or any other emotion that you feel that will not hurt people but only objects. Although this is not healthy either but at least if you cannot control your emotions, you have an outlet to vent it out. If you have read the human history, we have never escaped violence since the beginning of time. Violence is inherently ingrained in us whether it is against other humans, self violence or against animals. We are a violent creature and it is just a super human being who controls their emotions and not resorts to violence so the answer is a big NO, we cannot escape violence.

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