Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Desktop vs. Laptop vs. tablets-3

As for my preference it is hard to say since I use all three of them time to time but the majority one I use is the desktop at home and outside tablets. But since tablets don’t have hard drive where I can store my work if I want to (although you can still use cloud based websites to use their services and store your stuff if need be) but for surfing the web I still prefer the desktop because of the big screen advantage, although on the go I will rather use the tablet. All three can be use in conjunction with each other if need arises. The screen of the desktops is getting bigger and bigger but the only disadvantage they have is that you can only use it at a certain place in your house and not move around. For laptops you can essentially move them anywhere in the house or outside but due to the size and weight it becomes burdensome if you are only going to use to surf the web. But now after experiencing the tablet and how much it is handy and less weight to carry I am inclined to have one too (although I have one but my daughter uses it mostly). The crisp clear picture that the tablet has is fantastic. Plus the fact is that it can fit into any school bag and light weight and you can carry around with much trouble makes it a good and necessary companion to carry with. Since there are many different features with various prices, I would rather have the less memory and wireless technology instead of both wireless and 3G because then it becomes more expensive than the laptop (which are now going for less than USD 400.00 sometimes cheaper than tablets). So as I have shown my preference by describing the different advantages and disadvantages of the above three, it is up to you to decide which one suits you better.

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