Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Economic policies of nations

If you live in a country, you must have noticed how the economy policy is shaped based on what their governments believe in. And when that believes is put into place then all the citizens are indoctrinated to follow it as it is a holy grail. For example some countries claim to follow communism, some follow some form of socialism and overwhelming majority follow capitalism. But with all these -isms it is true that no one country follow a complete set of policy based on only ism and in fact that they don’t even call it one but a combination of all. The communists believe that everything belongs to the collective people and these collectivity in solidified in the government or state, nothing is owned individually and the socialism is the combination of individual and state ownership, while capitalism is all the individual rights and ownership and government owns little or none (which is very extreme and nonexistent). Not to long ago, the world was essentially divided into the communist/socialists and capitalism ( I am here not mentioning another ism called Islamism because it is still a combination of socialism and capitalism). And each adherent were passionately advertising their own form as the best form of humanity and saying that the other form exploits human beings and it should not be adopted by anyone. They two groups spent considerable amount of money (not to mention inflicting countless humans to their flawed experiments in economy). And you have now known the outcome of this rivalry.

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