Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Turmoil in Egypt-2

You see this I don’t understand that the Muslim Brotherhood which preaches that Islam is the complete code of life and if you follow it you can achieve success here in the world and after had never had a government before to themselves and they had at least the last sixty years to formulate some kind of economy policy. And sixty years is enough of time to have an economic policy in place in case you do get the government and it should not be based on fantasy and unrealistic figures but on ground which the brotherhood had enough of an experience since most of their members are working class people. A religion is not only based on punishments only but there should be rewards and benefits of living in an Islamic society. If you have been born into this world, you should be combining both religion and your worldly needs and balance this effectively. Well this economic policy in the Islamic world is for some future topic but for now since the Muslim Brotherhood took over the Egyptian government, the voters who voted for them are also not happy with their performance and wants to change the government. It seems that the miseries of the Egyptian have increased more in the Muslim brotherhood government then it was in the previous Mubarak regime. If this is the case and it seems that way then the remedy should not be to blame others for your failure but to look at yourself and your policies and how it can be improved. Religion or no religion, if a government is unable to deliver for its people then all your excuses will not be heard. So deliver to your people and leave religion out of the government.

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