Saturday, June 29, 2013

The world of Idioms-2

I bet that you may have someone where you work that acts like they know more than the owner of the company how to handle things. There is a reason of why one is the owner and the other one is the employee. Nobody can be more loyal than the owner but some people are always out there showing their loyalty to the level of obnoxiousness and then they become very unpopular among their colleagues. I know they may harbor good intensions but there is a reason this idiom is created and you can flip it sideways and say that they can be Teachers' pet, although in this case, they become the favorite of the teacher not become one. And then there are others which can be equally applied to the work place or any other activity if you want. They are "bored to death” and "sick and tired". Bored to death means you have nothing to do, well you can use it if you are at work, at home or anywhere else where you don’t really know how to kill your time. Sick and tired means that you are completed done with one task and don’t want to do it anymore and again it can be applied at home or at work or even when you receive bills. One more is " I am so hungry I can eat a horse" which means you are extremely hungry and have build up a good appetite to eat much more. I know that everybody have this kind of feeling from time to time. And I use this quite often. There are many more idioms which I can write about but you get the idea about what the world of idiom is.

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