Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Elementary School Graduation Ceremony

A week ago, I attended my daughter's elementary school graduation from which she finished her 4th grade (different school systems have different cutoff where the elementary school ends and middle school starts). We just reached in the nick of time, because when we reached there, we already saw a huge line of parents waiting to get into the gym where the graduation ceremony was about to take place. And we were almost last in line. After the gym was opened, parents, guardians and siblings streamed in to be seated at whatever place they wanted to sit, cameras and video cameras in hand to capture an important milestone in their child's education. There were caps plastered on the wall along with a huge cloth bearing the hand prints of all the students who were going to graduate. And also a banner stating Class of 2013. I took some pictures of both the cap and the hand prints and the ceremony started not long after that. The Kids started coming one by one and when they were all in standing in line against the wall, the Pledge of allegiance was recited. And then a few songs were sang and then the principal of the school gave an inspirational speech for the kids and the parents and then names were called to give diplomas to the graduating class of 2013. After that we took some pictures and gave hug to our daughter for achieving this milestone and then the kids were send back to their classes to have some more fun activities and the parents went home.

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