Friday, June 7, 2013

Refuge behind the Religion-2

Even if you don’t believe my narrative above about the origins of suicide as a weapon (you can check out online about it), this was never used in the early days of Islam or even later on because suicide is actually forbidden in Islam under any circumstances because it is not your choice to end life which has been given to you. And these are the people who use the refuge behind the religion to justify what they do and since the people don’t have the time or the intellectual ability to comprehend what is written in the holy books, they follow the instructions of these so called clerics and lose sight of the meaning of the religion. And since there are 73 sects in Islam, everybody uses their own interpretation of what GOD says or the Prophet did incorporating their own twisted analogies to urge their followers that they are on the right path. But since the right path is as defined as variedly as possible, it is all about how much followers you can gather by your interpretation of the scripture. These suicide bombers are much about the infighting among Muslims than the non-Muslims. Everybody wants to be a leader and the most that can convince people that they know the right interpretation of what is written in the Book, the more influential he will becomes since the Muslims don’t want to do their own research. And it is not just the Suicide bombers but other facts of the life that the Muslims refuse to believe or indulge in.

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