Thursday, June 27, 2013

Looking for Perfection

We are not perfect human beings and even far from it, the world is not perfect and neither are our lives. We think that we are doing a perfect job, but we do not and we think highly of our kids and believe that they are the perfect kids that anybody could have but it is also not true. So why do we keep on striving to achieve everything which seems to in our control and then we become proud of a job well done. I have seen many people trying to achieve something with so much perfection that it wastes not only their time and resources but other peoples' time too (although not their resources since if you are paying them they will be happy to go along with it). Sometimes there are people who even if others thing that they did a perfect job don’t think that way and thus become miserable because in their minds they have not done the perfect job. And this perfection leads to obsession in some cases and the time you should spent on other important things is diverted to achieving perfection on one thing and then this quest for perfection becomes a recipe for time management disaster. I know that perfection is good but if I am in a time constraint situation, I would rather have things done faster and accurately than ponder over some imperfection which should be understood as a slight oversight. Perfection can achieve success or destroys life because you should be able to manage your time judiciously and understand that perfection does not mean that you have become perfect only that what you lack in yourself you are trying to have it in inanimate objects.

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